History of Turid June Eiesland and My Optical Delusions

Graduated Ramapo College of NJ, 1986
BS in Computer Science and a BS in Chemistry.

~ Despite my sculpture professors' insistence that I was an artist and should be pursuing that, at the time, I felt my financial future would be brighter with a computer degree. So for sixteen years I maintained computer systems for a company of non-profit research scientists. Their needs were vast, not only was I their computer systems manager, I was also the resident expert for all photography, graphic presentation, publications, and web image, the artist in me was always present. PC's put all the design tools at their disposal; so I taught them “how to fish” and they became creators, and I remained their problem solver. PC’s and the Internet had opened up a whole new world of possibilities and vulnerability. My opportunities to create lessened as the need for protection, patching, fixing escalated. The artist in me was being neglected and my peace loving, non-reactive, rational, happy soul was becoming defensive, angry, and reactive, and the only rational thought left was I need to create!
~ The time had come to take my computer skills and savvy and combine that with my inner artist and embrace this new digital world, and so I created My Optical Delusions and walked away from Systems Management.

The creation of this website portrays the digital artist I have become. Here I offer up my skills in Photography - Graphic Design - Stained Glass design and production.

Me and Kikko
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